Communication and Information Networking

Education of engineers and researchers to deal with problems of information networking and technology

Educational Features

The graduate program of communication and information networking includes many advanced topics related to information transmission, information processing, communication engineering and information networking. The program goal is to prepare and educate future engineers and researchers to be able to deal with challenging information society problems. Therefore, many theoretical and application aspects of information and communication engineering are considered. In the field of Information Transmission Engineering, the students can study subjects related to information transmission such as transmission in wireless and fiber optics environments. The area of Electromagnetic Compatibility deals with subjects related to theoretical aspects of electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic field analysis. In the field of Information Processing Systems, the graduate students can study topics related to application of signal processing methods and intelligent communication systems. The field of Information Networking includes topics related to high-speed networks, mobile networks, and multimedia communication.


  • Advanced Information Transmission Engineering I
  • Advanced Information Transmission Engineering II
  • Advanced Information Transmission Engineering III
  • Seminar in Information Transmission Engineering
  • Advanced Electromagnetic Compatibility I
  • Advanced Electromagnetic Compatibility II
  • Advanced Electromagnetic Compatibility III
  • Practice of Electromagnetic Theory
  • Advanced Information Processing Systems I
  • Advanced Information Processing Systems II
  • Advanced Signal Processing I
  • Advanced Signal Processing II
  • Advanced Information Networking I
  • Advanced Information Networking II
  • Advanced Internet Engineering I
  • Advanced Internet Engineering II
  • Advanced Multimedia Engineering I
  • Advanced Multimedia Engineering II

The Teaching Staff and Research Topics


Prof. Dr. H. Maeda Studies on theory and design of nonlinear/photonic crystal optical waveguide
Assoc. Prof. Dr. N. Nakashima Studies on electromagnetic wave scattering


Prof. Dr. K. Watanabe Studies on theory of electromagnetic wave scattering by periodic structures
Assoc. Prof. Dr. N. Uchida Studies on Disaster Information Network system
Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Nakamura Interaction of intense laser field and matter
Assoc. Prof. Dr. K. Fujisaki Study on high performance wireless communication systems


Prof. Dr. S. Nishida Studies on quantitative analysis and automatic interpretation for electroencephalogram and evoked potential
Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Ikeda Studies on Delay Tolerant Networking
Assoc. Prof. Dr. K. Matsuo Research on P2P Systems


Assoc. Prof. Dr. K. Sugita Studies on multimedia system
Prof. Dr. L. Barolli Application of intelligent algorithms for network traffic control
Prof. Dr. T. Wakahara Studies on community network system
Assoc. Prof. Dr. N. Yamamoto Studies on network applications