The Education / Curriculum Policy at the Computer Science and Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering Department aims to train engineers who can support the coming high-information society including computer science, software, hardware, and applications aspects. The graduate program of Computer Science and Engineering has been organized into the following advanced topics related to computer science and software engineering. Intelligent Information Engineering such as artificial intelligence and knowledge information processing; Intelligent System Engineering such as language processing and intelligent robotics; Media Information Engineering such as computer image processing and speech signal processing; and Software Engineering such as software development and utilization are among the subjects offered.

  • 1. Education: Educate students not only to gain specialized knowledge in the computer science and engineering fields and academic fundamental skills in mathematics and English, but also to improve communication skills, the ethics of engineers, and leadership.
  • 2. Research and Development: Educate professional engineers and researchers who have problem-solving skills for research and development through research activities for preparing the dissertation.