The Admission Policy at the Electrical Engineering

The educational and research purposes of the Electrical Engineering program are to assist students to acquire advanced and specialized knowledge in electric fields such as: (1) construction, transmission and operation of the electric energy system; (2) electromechanical energy conversion systems; (3) control, signal processing and computer-aided design in electrical systems; and (4) applications of new materials (semiconductors and electromagnetics), plasma, electronic devices and computers to electrical systems. The department expects to enroll students as follows.

  • 1. Motivation: Students who have studied fundamentals of electrical engineering and have motivation to advance and improve their knowledge.
  • 2. Spirit of challenge: Students who have a spirit of creativity and challenge to solve problems arising in various fields of electrical technology.
  • 3. English skills: Students who have basic English ability for engineering in the global industrial society.
  • 4. Cooperativeness: Students who can resolve problems in cooperation with others, and also have the motivation to improve their communication skills.