The Education / Curriculum Policy at the Electrical Engineering

The department has four specialized courses: (1) Electrical fundamentals, (2) Information and control engineering, (3) Power engineering, and (4) Applied electrical engineering. The educational and research purposes of the department are to assist students to acquire advanced and specialized knowledge in one of the above electric fields. Contributing to the purpose, each of the specializations provides four major lectures and seminars.

  • 1. Education: Electrical fundamentals provide lectures on electromagnetics, quantum electronics and semiconductor engineering. Information and control engineering provides lectures on advanced control, signal processing and computer-aided design in electrical systems. Power engineering provides lectures on generation and transmission of electric energy, and plasma. Applied electrical engineering provides lectures on the applications of new materials, electronics and computers for efficient use of electric energy.
  • 2. Research and Development: Students enroll in one of four courses and research on a thesis after consulting with a research supervisor. Students are obligated to perform in at least one research presentation at a professional society in order to pass the examination of the master’s thesis. Discussions at the seminars and society will lead to the enhancement of the research and improve the ability to make presentations.