The Admission Policy at the Information Electronics

The educational purpose of Information Electronics is to foster advanced engineers and researchers who acquired information electronics technologies focused on electronics technology and computer technology in order to support the society in the near future and who have the ability to identify and solve issues themselves. We widely accept students from Japan and abroad who have the following characteristics.

  • 1. Motivation: Students who have the basic knowledge of electronic devices, electronic circuits, computers, measurement and control, signal and information processing technology, etc. in the information electronics field, who wish to study further in specialized fields, and who have a strong desire to enhance their research and development capabilities.
  • 2. Spirit of challenge: Students who are full of spirit and ability to execute bold challenges in research topics and who have an academic perseverance to steadily build up research achievements.
  • 3. Cooperativeness: Students who have a motivation to improve communication skills and to acquire the ability to solve problems in cooperation with others as a healthy member of society in the future.
  • 4. Social contribution: Students who have a desire to contribute to society through the use of information electronics technologies in a high technology society.