The Admission Policy at the Intelligent Information System Engineering

The goal and purpose of education at this PhD course through research and training in the fields of science and technology as symbolized by "Information and Control Technology" are a human resource development of personnel who will be able to evolve and support society and industry in the 21st century with superior creative ability and sense. The Intelligent Information System Engineering can contribute to the development of engineering and information technology fields, such as social infrastructure, production and the technologies valuable to humans, construction and the technologies of innovative computers and information systems by training students as a researcher and engineer who have outstanding capacities. The department expects to enroll students with high motivation in the following matters. 
Motivation: Students who have an academic foundation of natural science and information engineering with a high motivation to improve their abilities in the information engineering fields they aspire to. 
English Skills: Students who have English skills to understand foreign information in addition to domestic one about engineering and information technologies with the motivation to further improve their abilities. 
Spirit of Challenge to Research: Students who can work on applied research in the light of basic knowledges for academic disciplines they aspire to. They also have a high motivation to improve the skills of problem setting and solving. 
Cooperative Mind: Students who have a motivation to improve communication skills and acquire the ability to solve problems in cooperation with others