The Admission Policy at the Intelligent Mechanical Engineering

  • 1. Purpose of the Mechanical Engineering Specialty is to educate mechanical engineers who are able to create new technologies in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Compared to the knowledge acquired as undergraduate students, our master-course students from Japan and abroad are required to deepen their knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering, and to eagerly devote themselves to study and research activities. Thus, our master-course students should become aware that education, research, and contribution to society are the main activities and tasks of Universities in general, and Graduate Schools in particular.
  • 2. Main points of our admission policy are summarized as follows:
  • 2-1. Fundamental knowledge and scholastic abilities you acquired as undergraduate student become the firm foundation for the advanced courses of the Graduate School. Thus, only students who sufficiently mastered the undergraduate courses are suitable to receive the advanced lectures of the Graduate School. Accordingly, our candidates are required to have sufficiently deep knowledge in the fields of Machine Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, to have the ability to freely apply the knowledge of Mathematics and Physics, to have the ability to read and write in English, etc.
  • 2-2. Bold challenge and academic perseverance are required skills for creative research and development.
  • 2-3. Communication skills and cooperation abilities are needed to achieve social contributions in the field of Mechanical Engineering.