The Education / Curriculum Policy at the Intelligent Mechanical Engineering

Main points of our curriculum policy are summarized as follows:

  • 1. Mechanical Engineering Specialty aims to foster engineers and researchers who have the abilities to create machines and systems at terrestrial and spatial scale, through technologies which are friendly to the global environment. Therefore, advanced courses in the field of fundamental disciplines of mechanical engineering, machining technologies, sensors and control technologies, as well as English presentation related courses are provided to our graduate students in order to properly select their academic career. Ability to freely apply the advanced knowledge is acquired during seminar style classes, where students actively participate and interact with the teaching staff in multiple ways.
  • 2. In order to achieve novel research outcome, original research subjects are pursued by our graduate students, which are encouraged to engage academic debate and discussions with their academic supervisors, with fellow graduate students, and undergraduate students. Through such synergic effects our graduate students are able to better understand and approach the problems to be solved by their research project. On the other hand, the communication skills and leadership abilities of the graduate students are enhanced through such debate process. Particularly, by inviting English native professors to give lectures in our Department, our graduate students improve their abilities to read, write, and present their research in English.
  • 3. Finally, our graduate students are able to achieve formation of strong character and mature personality through such cultural and interpersonal exchanges with the teaching staff, fellow students, and friends.