The Admission Policy at the Socio-Environmental Studies

To elucidate or to explore a solution of complicated and multifaceted environmental issues requires a multipronged approach. Socio-Environmental Studies is intended to educate personnel to have a comprehensive understanding of environmental issues, who can formulate and practice solutions with theoretical and practical skills.
Socio-Environmental Studies has an educational and selection system to accept various students as follows;

  • 1. Students who want to study deeper and wider than the undergraduate level.
  • 2. Foreign students who would like to work abroad or return back home and work.
  • 3. Working people in the community who want to improve their capacity further.

That is, in addition to general selection of university graduates in Japan, there is a system of selecting foreign students who are graduating from foreign universities, and a system of selecting working people with social experience such as professional backgrounds. For working students, courses are available that require the selection of theme based research in place of the usual master thesis. To study in this course, students must have an academic foundation for environmental issues, and have a higher motivation to learn further. The department expects many people to enroll in this course.