System Management

Educating solution engineers to analyze and optimize various systems

Educational Features

The graduate program of System Management is aimed to provide students various engineering techniques to analyze and optimize management, production, and information media systems. The program consists of the following three research fields: (1)Management system engineering, (2)Production system engineering, and (3)Information media engineering.


  • Advanced management systems engineering
  • Seminar in management systems engineering
  • Advanced business systems engineering
  • Tutorial in business systems engineering
  • Advanced production and operations management engineering
  • Seminar in production and operations management engineering
  • Advanced lectures on mathematical system
  • Exercise on mathematical system
  • Special course on data science
  • Priactices on data science
  • Advanced applied information systems
  • Seminar in applied information systems
  • Advanced information media engineering I
  • Advanced information media engineering II
  • Seminar in information media engineering I
  • Seminar in information media engineering II

The Teaching Staff and Research Topics


Prof. Dr. Y. Song Studies on optimization theory and its applications
Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Kobayashi Studies on production planning and scheduling by dynamic mathematical model
Assoc. Prof. Dr. T.Tajima Studies on management and marketing systems


Prof. Dr. F. Akagi Studies on production and operations systems
Prof. Dr. H. Fujioka Theory of optimal splines and its application to robotics
Assoc. Prof. Dr. S. Inokuchi Theory and application of discrete transition systems in computer science


Prof. Dr. M. Yokota Studies on integrated multimedia understanding
Assoc. Prof. Dr. K. Ryu Studies on computer graphics using physical simulation
Asi. Prof. Dr. H. Takenouchi Interactive design systems and algorithms using sensitivity information