Electrical Engineering Electrical Design Course to Electrical Engineering / Electrical Comprehensive Course to Electrical Engineering

Specialized subjects such as energy and electric machine controls are offered in this department. Students can practically and technically learn about electricity, one of the key knowledge to resolve issues related to the global warming.

Electricity, as a clean, easy to use energy, is attracting more attention as a key to resolve global warming and energy related issues. The department offers variety of electricity related subjects including energy, electric machine, and information controls.

Laboratory work controlling an inverted pendulum


Filter formation using a molecular beam epitaxial device

Field of Study

  • Study for the generation of clean, and easy to use electrical energy, and study of transport & storage related electrical energy.
  • Study to develop motors for electric vehicles and high speed rails, and study of energy saving electric machines.
  • Study to develop robots and home appliances, and study of system controls for the realization of comfortable space of life.


Career Outlook

Students have potential to work for companies of electrical installations. They also have abilities to serve for various industrial fields such as manufacturing and selling industries. Having knowledge of electricity as a key to environmental solutions, students can provide useful ideas in variety of industries.

  • Employment Rate (As of March 2018): 100%
  • Total number of graduates: 72
  • Total number of graduates who sought for jobs: 63
  • Total number of graduates who received job offers: 63
  • Total number of graduates continuing education: 9
  • List of Employers
    • Kyudenko Corporation
    • Fujitsu
    • Chudenko Corporation
    • NEC Fielding, Ltd.
    • Kyushu Railway
    • Seibu Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
    • Sumitomo Densetsu Co., Ltd.
    • Kinden Corporation

Possible Certification

◎ First class teacher’s certificate for high schools (Industry)
■ Qualified electrical engineer
■ Electric chief engineer

Research and Development for Future

Electric Vehicle Project

Kazuhiro Ohyama, Professor

Development of an electric vehicle with SR motors

SR motors do not use rare earth and is less expensive. In addition, they are robust. Our electric vehicle project is working on the development of an electrical vehicle with SR motors.

SR motor test

Sophisticated designing and control are required

SR motors are less expensive and robust. However, compared with permanent magnetic synchronous motors commercially used in hybrid vehicles, SR motors are inferior in terms of efficiency. Our target is to make SR motors as effective as magnetic synchronous motors by changing designs and control methods of SR motors.