Information Electronics Advance Course of Information Electronics / Fundamental Course of Information Electronics

A broad range of information electronics including electric devices, circuits, computers, and software will be studied in the department.Through the study of integrated electronic and information technologies, students are encouraged to acquire various types of technical skills.

Our every day electric appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, TVs, and mobile phones have been realized through the combination of electronic and information technologies. The department offers courses to students so as to obtain an integrated knowledge of electronic and information technologies.

Observation of echo signals using a nuclear magnetic resonator (NMR).


Laboratory simulation with a driving simulator

Field of Study

  • Study of basic knowledge required to pursue specialized subjects along with the study of programming basics. Both can be learned in a small sized class.
  • Study of electronic and information engineering in order to obtain a basic knowledge of operation principles, production technology, and computer technology of electronic information devices such as mobile phones and information appliances.
  • Study of further integrated information electronics which inspire students with ideas to create and operate new manufacturing technologies.


Career Outlook

The department provides students with opportunities to learn a fundamental knowledge of both manufacturing and operation technologies (hardware and software). Thus, various types of future carrier can be chosen by students. Many of alumnae and alumni have chosen to work in the field of communication and information processing.

  • Employment Rate (As of March 2018): 100%
  • Total number of graduates: 69
  • Total number of graduates who sought for jobs: 63
  • Total number of graduates who received job offers: 63
  • Total number of graduates continuing education: 6
  • List of Employers
    • Sony Corporation
    • Japan Broudcasting Corporation
    • Kinden Corporation
    • Zenrin Co,Ltd.
    • Kandenko Corporation
    • Daio Paper Corporation
    • Japan Radio Co, Ltd.
    • Toshiba Corporation
    • Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Possible Certification

◎ First class teacher’s certificate for high schools (Industry)
■ Fundamental information technology engineer examination
■ Information technology passport examination
■ Microsoft Offices Specialist (MOS)*1
■ First-class technical radio operator for on-the-ground services
■ On-the-ground services I-category special radio operator

*1 A test to certify skills to utilize Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point and Acess). Types of MOS tests encouraged to obtain differs depending on departments.

Research and Development for Future

Research and development of a nondestructive microwave imaging measurement equipment.

Yuichiro Kogi, Associate professor

Research and development of imaging measurement equipment of practical use

Our research laboratory is developing an imaging simulator which will be capable of acquiring information of areas affected by natural disasters such as floods, earthquake, and land slides. Our target is to realize a technology enabling real-time image data transmission of 10 cm resolution images of an affected area generated by irradiating 10 km remote affected areas with microwaves from a radar built-in helicopter.

Laboratory work using a microwave imaging measurement equipment

Research and development with students by cooperating with domestic and overseas research institutions

The development of a radar system requires an integrated construction of various hardware and software. Therefore, students are provided with opportunities to participate in the development of the radar system via a joint study scheme. We are making efforts to develop elemental technologies by designing hardware such as analog and digital circuits including microwave circuits with a simulator and by developing software enabling images being created as a result of signal processing.