Information and Systems Engineering

Intelligent information, robot controls, and LSIs will be studied in the department and students will obtain an enhanced ability in engineering design. As a result, students are expected to be an engineer who can contribute to information and systems engineering of international scale.

The courses offered by the department are intelligent information systems, robot control systems, computer network and System LSI(SoC.System-on-chip). The courses are designed to foster global oriented engineers who can flexibly adapt to globalization.

Checking programs of 3-D Score Four and an action game.


Laboratory evaluation of the LED fitted to test-produced visible light communication equipment.

Field of Study

  • Study of artificial intelligence related to intelligence of human and machinery including intelligence robots and intelligent software games.
  • Study of automatic design of LSIs and study of network simulations.
  • Study of robot control systems including industrial robots and power assist robots.


Career Outlook

Students are expected to work as a global engineer by taking advantage of the university study on information systems technology which is actually used in commercial products such as robots, automobiles, cell phones, and multifunction home appliances.

  • Employment Rate (As of March 2018): 100%
  • Total number of graduates: 95
  • Total number of graduates who sought for jobs: 87
  • Total number of graduates who received job offers: 87
  • Total number of graduates continuing education: 8
  • List of Employers
    • Zenrin Co. Ltd.
    • Japan Post Co., Ltd.
    • Kyudenko corporation
    • Fujisoft Incorporate
    • The Sunrays
    • Ricoh Japan Co.,Ltd
    • Kyusyu Railway Co. (JR Kyushu)
    • Seven - Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.
    • Sohgo Security Services Co.,Ltd

Possible Certification

◎ First class teacher’s certificate for high schools (Information, Mathematics)
◎ First class teacher’s certificate for junior high schools (Mathematics)
■ Fundamental information technology engineer examination
■ Information technology passport examination
□ CG engineer examination
□ Image processing engineer examination
□ Multimedia examination

Research and Development for Future

A light wearable robot mechanism capable of supporting the elbow

Tetsuya Morizono, Associate Professor

Research for a wearable robot

A wearable robot is a robot which can be put on like clothes and which supports people in exercising. Our laboratory is researching a mechanism and control of wearable robots to realize a light, easy-to-put-on wearable robot for elbows.

Wearable mechanism robot

A robot which supports people in exercising

Although no power amplifying function is provided, the wearable robot can support people in exercising by fixing the elbow movement instead of the human body. Our laboratory has test-produced a very light wearable mechanism which operates smoothly almost without discomfort. In the future, we would like to realize a more easy operation of fixing and releasing the mechanism by utilizing bio-signals.