Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Intelligent Mechanical and Systems Engineering Course/ Intelligent Mechanical Design Course

Students in this department will acquire creativity, technical skills, and representational skill which are required in the field of manufacturing technology. Through sophisticated studies from basics of machinery to practical mechanical designs, students are expected to be specialists of a mechanical engineering.

Along with basics of mechanical engineering, students have opportunities to learn practical machinery designing techniques to produce robots, vehicles, and other high-tech machinery. To be a creative, technically competitive, and assertive mechanical engineers, students are encouraged to obtain related certificates.

Active control of an air suspension type vibration separation board


Forming of a 0.2 mm diamond tool using a laser machine

Field of Study

  • Study of mechatronics including the development and designing of intelligent machinery such as robots, vehicles, and aircraft.
  • Study of mechanical designs including computer analysis and mechanical systems designs & production using CAD and CAM system.
  • Study of machining processes including knowledge of mechanical materials, designing and drawing preparation skills required in actual manufacturing technology.


Career Outlook

By obtaining skills to be an mechanical engineer, students of the department are expected to pursue their carrier as a mechanical design engineer, technical developer of automobiles, or system engineer in the field of manufacturing technology.

  • Employment Rate (As of March 2018): 100%
  • Total number of graduates:96
  • Total number of graduates who sought for jobs: 89
  • Total number of graduates who received job offers: 89
  • Total number of graduates continuing education: 4
  • List of Employers
    • West Japan Railway Company (JR-West)
    • IHI Inspection & Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
    • Shiseido Company, Limited
    • Kyudenko Corporation
    • JR Kyushu Railway Company
    • Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
    • West Japan Railway Shinkansen Technology Corporation
    • Daio Paper Corporation

Possible Certification

◎ First class teacher’s certificate for high schools (Industry)
■ Certified CAD Operator
■ Mechanical design engineer
■ Skilled mechanical maintenance engineer

Research and Development for Future

Mechatronics, robotics, and ergonomics

Hitoshi Kino, Professor

We develop body of a robot.

By studying the structure and movement of a human body, our laboratory is researching motors which will enable a flexible movement similar to the movement of human muscle, and trying to develop a robot which can behave like a human body. Our target is to realize a robot capable of researching and rescuing people in the case of disasters.

Development of a rescue robot

Broad range of knowledge is required

In order to develop a robot which can act delicately like a human, broad range of knowledge is required including sensors, motors, mechanical materials, mechanical structures, computers, and artificial intelligence. Therefore, students in the laboratory can acquire wide range of knowledge through various research opportunities.