System Management

Being able to propose optimal solutions to companies by taking advantage of knowledge of computer and management.
We aim to foster human resources capable of solving various management difficulties.

Students will study how to solve business related problems using methods to control and operate diverse information. Therefore, by taking advantage of knowledge of computer and management, students will exert abilities to propose optimal solutions to each business.

Laboratory work identifying sex and age of the pedestrian using a pressure sensor


Seminar on a network system which can support customers with disabilities.

Field of Study

  • Study of production management aiming to realize business efficiency in the field of service sector such as automobile production and medical welfare.
  • Study of systems management via theories and practices of business management.
  • Study of multimedia including computer graphics and Web designing.


Career Outlook

Students can learn knowledge required in actual business operation such as management, production, computer, and multimedia. Therefore, a broad range of jobs can be chosen by students from management controls to Web and CG designs.

  • Employment Rate (As of March 2018): 100%
  • Total number of graduates: 73
  • Total number of graduates who sought for jobs:72
  • Total number of graduates who received job offers: 72
  • Total number of graduates continuing education: 1
  • List of Employers
    • The Bank of Fukuoka,Ltd
    • Yamaguchi Financial Group, Inc.
    • Metropolitan Police Department
    • SCSK Corporation
    • Kyudenko Corporation
    • FFG Securities Co., Ltd.
    • DENSO TEN Limited.

Possible Certification

◎ First class teacher’s certificate for high schools (Information, Mathematics)
◎ First class teacher’s certificate for junior high schools (Mathematics)
■ Fundamental information technology engineer examination
■ Information technology passport examination
■ Web creator examination
□ Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)*1
□ CG engineer examination

*1 A test to certify skills to utilize Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point and Acess). Types of MOS tests encouraged to obtain differs depending on departments.

Research and Development for Future

Information Processing I

Hiroyuki Fujioka, Associate Professor

Computer forecast and analysis

In the fields of management engineering and information engineering, a variety of phenomenon are forecasted and analyzed including a management situation of a company and a movement when a person writes down alphabets. Computer simulation technology enables an easy forecast and analysis of such phenomenon.

Class of "Information Processing I

Programming knowledge is required

In order to develop or operate computer simulations, knowledge of programming is required. In the Information Processing I, students will learn basics of the "Java" programming language which is used in the development of applications for now widely used smart phones. In the class, one PC is provided to a student, which is an ideal environment to learn programming languages.