Support for Foreign Students

In order to make the most out of the curriculum, We have improved our educational contents and the educational methods by providing various types of educational activities for the students before and after entering the university and from the 1st year to the 4th year.

Japanese Language Education

Every day we provide one complementary class of Japanese language for foreign students from our sister universities. We also offer various classes including Preparation for JLPT, learning Japanese through Anime, Japanese polite language (Keigo) and Japanese language conversation so that students can be motivated to learn Japanese from different perspectives and we can offer different learning environment depending on their needs.

Japanese Language lesson for foreign students

Career Support

FIT offers phased courses in regular curriculum in order for students to be prepared for post-university life, being socially and professionally independent, and educate them with an emphasis on recruitment. Phases are divided into 4 factors, which are “Intension”, “Teamwork”, “Solution”, and “Practice”, and students will learn them in 4 years within an undergraduate curriculum.