Home Network (HBS, IEEE1394)

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1. History

2. Introduction of HBS

Home Networks is about to enter into the stage of practical use and many household appliance vendors have already made available various systems of their own design. The standardization of in-house information network called home bus is indispensable to realize an enriched home life by an appropriate combination of many pieces of various HA(Home Automation) appliances. The general given names of home busses are called HBS (Home Bus System) in Japan, IHS (Integrated Home System) in Europe, and CEBus (Consumer Electronics Bus) in USA. The authors commenced in 1981 the standardization research of the home bus, proposed in 1986 a basic standardization specification called HBS-Ver.1.2 for single house, and furthermore proposed in 1988 S-HBS (Super-HBS) specification for condominium. The design concept and specification of these proposals could exert a influence on HBS standard (ET2101) and IHS. HBS consists of the external network connection system and internal system such as speech communication control function. The OSI model of the layer 1 (physical layer), layer 2 (data link layer), layer 3 (network layer), and layer 7 (application layer) in accordance with the LAN is used to standardize the ET2101. As the stage of practical use of HA is growing, the preceding wiring of HBS has recently been accelerating on the occasion of the new house building. Since the various household appliances are offered by the different vendors, the important problems that must be solved exist in the safety of interconnectability, intercompatibility, and interoperability. In the FA and OA area of LAN, a conformance test is executed to solve these problems by the appropriate test organization. The authors therefore proposed the conformance test system (CTS) concerning HBS standard specification. Then, we proposed the mutual communication of home networks (HBS,IEEE1394) and grovel networks (ISDN, internet, PHS, and CATV). Recently, we are studying the Home Health Care System using Home Networks.

3. Application of IEEE1394 home network for Home Health Care System

We research the following matters for HHC system of 21 century's advanced age society.
1) Constitution of the high speed home network based upon IEEE1394 standard.
2) Development of the image compression system for high definition face image of an old aged.
3) Development of the measurement devices based upon IEEE1394 standard for vital sensor.

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