Socio-Environmental Studies

To train the students to acquire the high level skills and knowledge of economic management and law administration for the solution of environmental problems.

Educational Features

For realization of environmentally sustainable society, this course will train students to acquire high technical knowledge on economic management and law administration, and the aptitude of business ability (partnership, communication and consensus formation) for application of social technology, and to find the best solution through case studies on real environmental issues.


  • Advanced Social & Environmental Studies
  • Advanced Studies on English Communication Skill
  • Advanced Studies on Japanese Communication Skill
  • Advanced Environmental Economics
  • Advanced Environmental Economics and Policy Studies
  • Advanced Studies on Environmental Governance
  • Advanced Studies on Environmental Cooperation in Asia
  • Advanced Corporation Theories in Modern China
  • Advanced Studies on Comparative Corporation System
  • Advanced Studies on Comparative Auditing System
  • Advanced Environmental Accounting
  • Advanced Environment Conservation
  • Advanced Studies on Environmental Law
  • Advanced Studies on Contract Method
  • Advanced Studies on Corporation Law
  • Advanced Studies on International Law
  • Advanced Studies on Environmental Policy
  • Advanced Studies in Environmental Education
  • Advanced Theory on Cultural Environment
  • Advanced Studies on Environmental Sociology
  • Advanced Studies on Japanese Culture
  • Case studies(1) (Business Management and Corporations, Social Responsibilities)
  • Case studies(2) (Corporation Management and International Business Surroundings)
  • Case studies(3) (Legal Investigations on Damage Compensations)
  • Case studies(4) (Local Management on Administration and Residents)

The Teaching Staff and Research Topics

Prof. Y. Ohkawara Studies on Law and Ethics in Medical Environment
Prof. Dr. H. Sakai Studies on Environmental Education for a Sustainable Society
Prof. Dr. W. Jung Studies on International Governance Framework Based on International Economy and Global Warming Issues
Prof. Dr. T. Nakagawa Studies on Frameworks of Marine Environmental Protection in International Law
Prof. Dr. K. Matsufuji Studies on Healthcare Management in the Aging Society
Prof. Dr. T. Moriyama Devlopement of Disaster Prevention Information System
Prof. Dr. W.Li Studies on Comparative Auditing System
Assoc. Prof. Dr. T. Oishi (1)Environmental evaluation of the gift from the ocean (2)An inquiry into the value of marine import products (3)Consumer needs of marine products in quake-hit area
Assoc. Prof. Dr. K. Tanaka Studies on the Role of Culture in Creating a Living Environment
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Y. Fujii Studies on Division of Labor and Environmental Issues in Asia
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Y. Yun Corporate R&D Organization and Human Resources